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All righty then just working out a few of the highlights to grace the new front page of this website!

National Long Haul driver highers will be treated to these low quality job opportunities. 1. average length of haul 500 miles or under 2. very poor quality dispatch dealings 3. all drivers are required to drive a minimum of 17 forced dispatched loads per month. 4. Average load tally at the end of the year for a national long haul driver is 200+ loads per year 5. a dispacther who cannot actually dispatch you on loads but is only a message relayer to the proper department. 6. poorly maintained equipment! 7. A civil war between crete Shaffer and hunt. 8. very very overpriced medical insurance that not only do you over pay to just have but then to actua;l use you pay EVEN MORE! 9. Appon topping out the pay scale they will cut your miles and extend your time out and tell you they have no freight. 10. crete is in capable of on time home time even for VACATION 11. FORCED DISPATCHED! so long 3 load offers at a time. they tell me they had to stop offering 3 load offers at a time as they have no freight starting back in 2006 12. a high school popularity style dispatch system. Where the more dick you suck the better your loads are! 13. retirees welcome as most are just killing time until they die. 14.this is just a rough draft to get a few of the ideas up and published for the new drive 4 crete recruiting website. stay tuned I got big plans! Wich include the to explain what the actual meanings of the terms crete uses. As crete just recently acquired a dictionary and haven't quite yet learned the proper meanings of the words they use. Such as asset manager.... I will also make sure to put up SUGAR TITS guid to driving for crete! A real life account on how to suck dick correctly to maximize your earning potential here at drive 4 crete. I'm sure my little brain ( as dispatch tells me I have ) will come up with quit a few other ideas to fill this site up with content! till then see ya I got a 500 mile force dispatch to deliver or yikes I 'll get fired! eww ahhh scary! π
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